Writing? Really !! Why should I write?

I actually never knew for sure what I wanted to be. Growing up in war-torn Germany, it was really hard for me to focus on anything. And being rejected in school, while wearing glasses from my early years, didn’t help me either.

But then I saw the old paintings of the old masters. I was fascinated by them and so I thought I could do restoration of old paintings. But life didn’t let me do my dream.

Immigrating to New Zealand with my Australian husband and not knowing the English language, I created a lucrative busyness, making soft toys, mostly colorful parrots. I also draw pencil drawings, mostly animals.

Soon after, not having our own children, we adopted 3 year-old twin girls from Fiji. Selling my business, I started to do cross-stitch pictures, again animals.

Living for 18 years in New Zealand, my husband finally wanted to go home to Australia. Here I was diagnosed with cancer. I won’t tell you about the heartache I had, having to care about our young children. After two years, still under the living but had a lot of pain and couldn’t go to work, I decided to do something with my life.

Since my husband, Albert, wrote the book about our adoption, he mentioned, that i could write something as well. And so I started to write short stories. I even I was so brave, to send them in for competition. I got good reports back, that I am on the right way. That gave me the motivation to go on.

One of the stories was about handicapped Matica. Thinking back at my experience from my early years, I decided to put it on paper, how people feel about rejection and that they can escape if they put their minds to something else, not to the negativity, to the positivity and leave the negativity behind. Because I put my mind to it and made it that way, that I became what I am now. Not the timid child anymore. A am a writer of books. I am a wife, I am a mum.

There it came to me, I wanted to be an author and write more stories about Matica and Talon. Tell the people that they can overcome negativity when they look into something else and not dwell on that, what they see in front of them.

Unfortunately, I found out, not all think like that.

The ones they need it most, don’t like reading them. They think they have to stay in the misery, the negativity because they think it has to be. They don’t see the big picture, they see only that, what is in front of them, not that it can be getting better, when they start focusing on something, what the affected person can do, to stay sane, even if it is an incurable disease.  They can focus on something that that person would love to do, where she/he is great in it, (Look at Stephen Hawkins?) and because of that, they will be loved and cherished. Because when you look positive at it, then there is light and so they can better accept what is, and they don’t need to stay in the negativity, but that there can be light in the future and so can look into the positivity. They can cope with it easier, whatever it is,

This post is contributed as a Guest post by Gigi Sedlmayer.

I was born in Berlin, Germany, on 19 May 1944. Moving a lot around, changing schools, I was rejected by my peers. Finally settling in Munich. Got married in 1967, 1975 we moved to New Zealand.
1989 became adoptive parents and moved in 1992 to Australia.
1993 diagnosed with cancer. Started to write after 2 years, still under the living.
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