Why I Chose to Write Today

I tend to be a little OCD and a little ADHD. I laugh about it and say, “I want things to be perfect but only for a short period of time.” Confession time! I have dozens of unfinished projects outside of the world of writing. They all call from their hiding places, “What about me?”. There’s that half-finished hydroponics project, the overgrown unused garden area in the back yard, the Ham-Radio project, the cellphone repair project, and to be honest many others that scream, “I’m not finished. How can you sit down to write today?”
Okay! To be honest, I am not just a little OCD and ADHD, I am a lot of both. All of those projects remain unfinished because I fear they will not turn out to be perfect. In my ADHD madness new squirrels keep popping up to grab my attention and I start a new project that will likewise remain unfinished out of that same fear. Messed up, right?
I sit down today to write knowing my propensities, my faults, and my failures. I sit down to write knowing I have unfinished projects all around me. If I chose to take counsel from the voices of my failures I would not write today. In fact, I might choose to curl up in a fetal position and just give up all together. That is not just depressing, that is depression.
Sure! I have a lot of interests like a room full of toddlers all vying for my attention. I chose to write today because in my OCD and ADHD I have picked up many of those toddlers and nurtured them to adulthood. I graduated from High School and went on to finish three undergraduate programs and one at the graduate level. My lovely wife and I have been married for thirty-eight years. We have two great children and five even greater grandchildren. I am fulfilled in my calling as a Pastor and have served churches for more almost thirty years. This year I self published my first book and am a NaNoWriMo winner.
I am writing today because I chose to take counsel of my achievements rather than my failures. In fact, this will be my first guest post offered to any blog, and it is finished.