Ways you can Promote a Book

I’m C Gibson an Author of seven books that I self published on amazon. I decided to start a blog to help with promoting my books after hearing about blogging in one of the writing groups I’m in on Facebook. Starting a blog is not as easy as it seems, there are elements that are required such as hosting, platforms & themes to use. Once you’ve established your blog you can decide on what social media platforms to use for self promoting.

Getting a Facebook business page is a good place to start, then joining some Facebook groups that allow some self promotion of your books and Facebook page. One of the most under used social media sites for an author is Pinterest. When writing blog posts the best way to get your books out there is to share pins you design from your site to Pinterest, with over 200 million+ users it’s a great opportunity to get stir interest for your books, and get more viewers to your author/blog site. I’m an avid Pinterest user and with 14K+ followers I get almost half of my site traffic from there. It’s one Authors/Writer’s really need to explore more of.

I also use Twitter for promoting my books, there is a learning curve with it as well trying to figure out hashtag use, and learning the best ways to promote with just 280 characters allowed in a tweet. A tweet needs to be short, to the point and visually appealing to your followers, which in turn makes it more re-tweetable to reach your desired audience.

Some other ways you can promote your books are:

  1. Reviews: Getting honest reviews will help in getting more sales if your using a site like KDP.
  2. YouTube: If your not camera shy you can make a YouTube video showing your whole writing process and how you got started.
  3. Book Trailer: You can hire someone to design a Book trailer for you and then share it on your site, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  4. Newsletters: When you start a blog you can set up an email subscription service and send out monthly newsletters adding updates on your books and all future books.
  5. Facebook Ads: Facebook ads are another way to promote your books by targeting certain demographics you can set a budget for your promotional needs.

Being an author comes with it’s challenges, but with the right strategies getting the word out about your books and book related products is not as hard as it seems. While some of these options may not work for everyone, finding the right balance to any endeavor is always key to it’s success.


This post is contributed as Guest post by C Gibson.

I’m C Gibson Author of seven books nonfiction and fiction that are self published through KDP select . I have blog that I write for and I offer Pinterest Advising Services to authors, bloggers and businesses.

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