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Underground Love

Mason is a young but battle-worn boxer who fights for pride and money in an underground prize fighting ring. He’s got a reputation as being unbeatable and invincible, but his boss threatens to end his winning streak when he asks Mason to take a dive for the chance at a big payday…

Ana spends her days waitressing at the diner her cousin owns, and her nights alone in the shabby apartment upstairs from her workplace, surrounded by her broken dreams. All she wants is to travel the globe and see the world. All she wants is to escape from her dull, penniless reality. That’s all she wants, at least until she meets the handsome, quiet man with the scarred hands and secretive, seductive eyes…

Ana and Mason find their worlds brutally thrown together when Ana’s cruel ex-boyfriend decides to try to force his way back into her life. Mason’s honor drives him to protect Ana’s safety, but when his pride interferes with his ability to fight in a fixed match, he finds that honor and pride may not be enough to keep himself—and Ana—safe from those who would have their revenge on them both.

Mason only has one chance to redeem himself, and the odds are stacked against him. Can Mason save himself and the woman he loves from the enemies who lurk in the shadows, ready to take their due? Or will he sacrifice his own life for the sake of his integrity?

Underground Love is a 21,000 word standalone romance novella with an HEA ending and a heat level that will make you crank the AC!


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