The Spengler Algorithm

The Spengler Algorithm

America is undergoing profound change. Separatism seems to be triumphing over assimilation. Mass immigration, skyrocketing Third World populations, collapsing birthrates in the Western World, a cultural war assailing America’s freedom and heritage, and acts of terrorism have raised fears among many that a civilization, culture, and moral order may be passing away. It is within this background that The Spengler Algorithm unfolds.The Spengler Algorithm tells the story of Marcus Tatem, a forensic psychologist hired to investigate the mysterious and violent deaths of several sixteen year old boys. Tatem meets Dr. Lisa Armstrong, an epidemiologist from the CDC, who is also investigating the same cases.Tatem’s investigation goes nowhere, however, and he slowly becomes ensnared in a deadly and startling conspiracy where nothing is as it seems and the stakes are the very survival of America as a world power.


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