The Relic Keeper by N David Anderson

51Vxb66rrXL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_In 1999 when he found out he was dying Mathew Lyal made plans for the future. Only he planned a little further ahead than most…

In 2068 London is poverty-stricken, work is hard to come by, and social and religious tensions are bubbling just below the surface.

Reiko has come to Europe to work with the poor before she starts her career at home in Japan.

Philip is trying to make a living and forget his past.

Deon is looking for a sign from God that will show him the answers he yearns for.

Reluctantly working together they have to take on a powerful adversary and save one man’s life.

But how will the relics from their past shape the future?

“All the films we watched as kids showed the future as a glittering place where anything was possible.”

“The whole weight of political and economic power that you people took for granted has now shifted. I’m sorry to disappoint, pal, but your future wasn’t Utopia, you’ve just woken up in the new Third World.”

The Relic Keeper is a tense and unnerving drama, revealing how our present may be viewed in the future it creates. It is a story of the quest for redemption and understanding, amid the chaos of intolerance.

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“An enthralling look ‘back’ at the future…”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Jen7

The most enthralling book I’ve read since the Hunger Games! You’re taken on a journey of modern and ‘futuristic’ political history, with a touch of the Celestine Prophecy. Events described that have actually occurred, are entwined with a realistic view of the potential rise and demise of today’s world. This book would make a fabulous film! Hoping to read more by this author…

More About Author

N David Anderson is a Southampton (UK) based writer. He has studied archaeology and has a keen interest in the past and the way that it affects the present. He has written a number of essays and papers about slavery and industrial archaeology. He is a keen musician and a regular on the local music scene as a spectator and a guitar player. His first novel, The Relic Keeper, was published on Kindle in 2015. He has plans for several more…

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