The love of “being author”

We all come to “being author” from different places. Some started as children with a love of reading, others decided to make it their profession by choice, through education. Some of us lived a life, or event in our life that we felt we had to write about, others lived a life attaining knowledge and felt driven to teach it to others. Then there are novelists, who have a head bursting with great stories that fill the imagination.  No matter where or why we started this process, we all want the same thing. We want others to join in our love of whatever it is we write about.

A good book will keep your interest, it will teach you something, it may evoke strong feelings, and it will leave you fulfilled and wanting more. A great book may change your life, you will never forget it. It will take you to a place that you have never been, or remind you of somewhere you loved or a place you want to be. A great book is what we all aspire to write.

The thrilling part of “being author” is that at this moment,  we may be speaking to, sitting next to, or even meeting those rare, great, authors that are among us here today.

The world needs us “being authors” for many reasons, unless we continue to write, make our mistakes and hone our talent, we will never know what each author has to offer. “Being author” is a valiant aspiration. I commend all who attempt “being author.”

I also want to thank every author that took the time to post and try to help the rest of us. I have learned so much reading posts from other authors.

My best piece of advice is “patience, patience, patience.” Don’t get so into holding your book, that you skip necessities of having a product worthy of your name. This I can tell you from experience, but I learned valuable lessons from every fail, and you should too. Fail, no, just a stumble. Get up and learn how not to do that again.

Just like the song “Humble and kind” always turn around and help the next one in line.

This post is contributed as Guest post by April O’Brien.

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