The Heart of A Writer

What I want to do is start out with three important things that are necessary for anyone who has hopes and dreams, no matter what they are. They are UPLIFT. All those who came before us we stand upon their shoulders and those who will come after us will do the same. ENCOURAGE. No man is an island, we must first encourage ourselves before we can do the same for others. AND lastly, EMPOWER. We all possess unique qualities and abilities that come from God that gives us the authority to do anything. These three powerful words are what everyone should remember and repeat them often like a mantra to yourselves and others.
Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to be in the company of people who were not stingy with inspiring words. Maybe all of them didn’t speak them outright, but their support and generosity suggested this is what they were trying to imply.
Those that know me well, know how passionate I am about writing. Also, my level of dedication to the craft. I take what I do very seriously, therefore, I put forth a serious effort at being the very best. I never planned to be a writer. Not once did I ever say as a child, I wanted to be a writer. Instead, I wanted to teach. This simply proves the authority God has placed over our lives. So, my path was already chosen and waiting for me to accept my gift.

Nevertheless, I am so thankful for the gift. Unrealized, at an early age but later, I knew I possessed an ability to write and embraced it wholeheartedly. I told my first story when I was in kindergarten. The Red Eyed Girl. It was an impromptu tale, but I realized then that I was on to something. I had the ability to capture the attention of others just by telling them a story. The feeling was amazing, especially for an introverted individual like me. I was so shy and would rather fade into the background than being noticed. I wasn’t the person who ever raised their hand in class, whether I knew the answer or not. I was too afraid to speak.
Through writing, I found my voice, many voices. What I know about writing is that even if you have the gift, the creativity and wherewithal to compose and articulate dialogue, you still need one more crucial factor. If I know anything about writing, it is that you must read, otherwise, it is impossible to compose any thoughts or ideas without first reading. If you don’t read you can’t write, it’s that simple. You must form your own style, and this is done by reading other authors material. Even if it is your gift, you must obtain knowledge to make it possible.
Little did I know, that the countless hours spent with my head buried inside a book, or visits to the public library on Saturdays and summer vacation. When most kids were outside playing games and having fun, would lead to more than just a quest for knowledge but a remarkable journey.

I have to thank my mother, for first realizing the importance of teaching me how to read, at the age of three years old no less, books by Dr. Seuss. And for the stories, she told us as kids that triggered my imagination that also helped to develop my knack for storytelling. It was her pearls of wisdom, sprinkled here and there throughout my life that prepared me for the challenges ahead. Not just in life but also what has become a career in creative writing.
Every artist has a level of creativity. But first, you must see it before you can create it. It’s okay to use your imagination, we were all born with them. It is a vital component that makes up the necessary elements for storytelling. There is something fundamentally uplifting about self-expression and the ability to tell a remarkable story through the eyes of characters.
With anything in life, you must always approach it realistically and in the proper perspective. A failure is an option but not one you should relegate yourself to simply because the possibility exists. You don’t have to be afraid of failing. Trials will come to test your faith and that’s okay. If we never know what we’re capable of then we will never reach our full potential.
What motivates me to keep striving for excellence and moving forward despite all the things I needed to overcome comes from a supernatural source that I’m linked to. Nothing motivates me to action more than hearing the word No, or you can’t. First, I have nothing to prove to anyone else except myself. I’ve never felt the need to exact revenge from naysayers, to say, “see what I did?” To do so would be taking away from my source of power that comes from Christ Jesus who strengthens and assures me that I can do all things through Him.
I have experienced failure and rejection in ways that would make a lesser person, pack it up and say I’m done. But I didn’t because I had examples of those who came before me. Do you know how many famous authors there are who reached success through failure? Well, the answer is Plenty. I mentioned Dr. Seuss, his first book (And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street) was rejected 27 times, Stephen King’s book (Carrie), 30. These are only a few examples, but they persevered and were determined because of the three powerful words I told you about at the beginning. I also refer back to those words often especially when I need reassurance.
Self-doubt is like the terminator, it will destroy everything within its path. Along with it your confidence. I had to conquer all my fears and start believing in myself. I think the hardest part of being a writer is not writer’s block but accepting criticism of one’s work. No one likes it, but it is a huge part of developing strengths. This may sound negative, but it’s really something positive. You need to be open to constructive criticism because it’s a strength builder that helps to reveal your weakest areas. It’s great for growth, like tree pruning.
But I need you to know that I never had any dreams of fame and fortune. My goal was to write a book and publish it. Well, God blessed me to do that. Multiple times and allowed me to cross racial and cultural boundaries in a way I never thought possible. He answered one prayer and opened the door to so much more.

The journey has been a long one. Over twenty-something years, God willing, with many more to come. In closing, I want to leave you with this bit of knowledge, that my mother shared with me long ago. If you are going to do anything in life, do it well and do it right. When you believe in your abilities, then there is nothing that you can’t do. Whatever it is. But you have to put forth your best efforts. No matter what your dreams are, if you first believe in yourself, then you are already halfway there.

This post is contributed as a guest post by Vivian E. Moore.

Vivian E. Moore is a southern girl who loves writing about romance. Her unofficial title is Relationship Expert. She first discovered her knack for telling stories at an early age. Writing is a gift she doesn’t take for granted and thankful for the opportunity to express the deepest emotion through the characters she creates.

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