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The Chronicles of Ardis: Concordance

“Well done, my friend! By the way, I have met Tracy. Super nice, and witty. All around great person. Check out the book! You won’t be disappointed!” Review By Lindsay B.


A century has passed since the Last Great War on Ardis, and Chancellor Gaden Thoradis of the Republic of Shelles seeks to commemorate the occasion with a peace summit. His plan brings together ten of the strongest nations across the planet to discuss the course and direction of their homeworld in the hopes to forge something new. Hailing from polar wastelands to shimmering deserts, and even a mighty archipelago empire, these individuals accept the invitation to this historic event.

However, with the centuries old allegiances, wavering loyalties, and festering wounds at the periphery, things feel uncertain. And amidst these preparations have been a series of attacks across the high seas, leaving little evidence as to the cause of purpose behind them.

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