Teacher on the Brink

Teacher on the Brink

Teacher On the Brink is the story of Steve McQueen, a 26-year old campus security guard and nightclub bouncer who’d been raised in an abusive environment where addiction, violence, and racism were every day experiences. While fighting his own battle with impulse control and excessive drinking, Steve is unfairly fired from his job at the university. A recent graduate, McQueen is on the brink of homelessness when he’s offered a long-term substitute position teaching in an alternative school in Philadelphia.
His students are violent and disturbed, and are racing to devour the most gratification from life before it kills them. The principal hires McQueen because he can’t find anybody else to teach these students.
McQueen discovers that his students’ demons are even worse than his own and undergoes a profound personal metamorphosis as he becomes a teacher. But unfortunately, events at Project Hope take a tragic and unexpected turn.
Teachers are tired of being scapegoated for everything that’s wrong in American society. They are bashed by public officials while facing unfair accountability demands, unsafe teaching conditions, and salary and benefit reductions, Steve McQueen is one of them, struggling with his own demons, and like his students and teaching colleagues, failed by the system. In the end, McQueen makes a fateful decision to strike back at the system.


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