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Help Crush Your Fear of Writing with These Two Things

If the fear of writing is getting you down, it’s time for some basic preparations that will crush this nasty nemesis and fortress your efforts.


Make it count!

We must get inside the minds of our readers and determine how to present our arguments so as to have this effect.


How to Write Great Fight Scenes

So, in case you’re interested, here’s my advice on how to write a great fight scene.


You Are An Author: Keep moving forward and remain steadfast!

This poem was written to encourage authors to keep moving forward and remain steadfast!


Interacting With Authors On Twitter

Twitter is a great tool, not just for promoting your work, but also for communicating with other authors. It is the perfect way to put yourself out there.


An Author’s Voice: The Verb Vixen

Your voice is what makes your writing yours. Take a pilgrimage to discover it, take a road that no one has told you about, including me. You have choices. Choose.


When your book finds commercial print, don’t go to sleep. A cautionary tale.

It won’t be a winner unless you make it so. You must throw yourself wholeheartedly into that side of the business called publicity without taking a rest to smell the daisies.


The best 10 tools that simplify the life of a freelance writer

There are many tools that can help you achieve your goals. They simplify the working process of any writer and allow him to be more productive.


Anonymity for Authors – Are Pseudonyms Necessary or Attainable?

Are Pseudonyms Necessary or Attainable? There’s no short or easy answer but it boils down to two choices.


Evenstar and Other “Gone With the… Writing” Stars

No matter how bright your star will shine, stay humble. That’s rule #1 if you wanna embrace success.


Making Love to a Skunk: Writing is a lot like it

It is not enough to have the desire to be a successful writer. There are steps you must follow before you can become one.


Let Your Characters Write Your Story

Stories matter, everyone has one, and as writers and content creators we must put our all into the story.