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When your book finds commercial print, don’t go to sleep. A cautionary tale.

It won’t be a winner unless you make it so. You must throw yourself wholeheartedly into that side of the business called publicity without taking a rest to smell the daisies.


Why You Need a Marketing Plan Even With Traditional Publishing

Ultimately, you are the best person to get out and market your book. And who could be better to promote a book than the author?


Making Love to a Skunk: Writing is a lot like it

It is not enough to have the desire to be a successful writer. There are steps you must follow before you can become one.


A look at publishing from the eyes of a newbie author

You realize that you must do all the heavy lifting to market your book and even at the end of it all the payday is not what you had expected.


Persistence Is The Key

Persistence is the key. Never give up. Never give way to negativity. Press on regardless.