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When your book finds commercial print, don’t go to sleep. A cautionary tale.

It won’t be a winner unless you make it so. You must throw yourself wholeheartedly into that side of the business called publicity without taking a rest to smell the daisies.

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Following One’s Passion

From the time I learned how to write, until I was ready for college, I have always enjoyed writing. I belonged to a literary club and I wrote short stories that were well received...

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Presenting Author Fatima Munroe’s debut book, Chi Town’s Queen

Chi Town’s Queen is a street tale about loyalty and family. Growing up in the seedy areas of Chicago’s west side, Athena saw her share of criminal activity. She became a product of her...

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Iraqi American author, journalist and filmmaker

Set in America and the Middle East in the early 1990s, The Feminine Art is the story of Suham, a married woman who distracts herself from boredom by trying to find her nephew, Michael,...


Iraqi American author, journalist and filmmaker

To escape the military under Saddam’s harsh regime, Amel flees Baghdad after the Gulf War, just before his eighteenth birthday. Smart choice! He illegally immigrates into Athens, where he meets his first adversities—one of...


Buckwheat’s Escapade Toward Self-Discovery

Jessica’s father arrives with a new doll Buckwheat for her display case.  Jessica criticizes Buckwheat’s appearance.  When her father gives her a brief history lesson about Buckwheat’s origin, she accepts him in her display...


Iraqi American author, Journalist and Filmmaker

Mervat was born in Iraq as a minority Christian and in the late 1970s and came to America at age two. Torn between her cultural heritage which dates back over 7300 years and the...