Surprise! Pilot MayCay Beeler turns True Crime Author

MayCay Beeler is an enthusiastic, world record breaking American pilot, award-winning television personality, true crime author, veteran TV host/producer/journalist, spokesperson, and active FAA Certified Flight Instructor with a passion for all things flying.

From initially learning to fly for a TV assignment, to personally piloting crash survivors back to the Bahamian island that nearly took their lives, to producing a documentary about it that led her to incarcerated cocaine pilot/smuggler Jack Reed, to eventually coauthoring his life story, aviation has incredulously crafted MayCay’s life.

Along this journey (launched by the love of flight), she learned that miracles happen, anything is possible, it’s never too late, and the importance of living Mayo Angelou’s words, “Be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud”.

When MayCay contacted Reed in prison for research on a documentary she was producing, she had no idea she would become his biographer and a character in this convict’s life story and twist of fate ending.

“He refused to talk to cops and press- until me. In our book, which was a collaborative work at the end of Reed’s life, Jack breaks his silence about his alleged role in Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Drug Cartel, and his stunning punishment for refusing to snitch on his best friend in the courtroom. This biography features shocking judicial misconduct; the longest running drug trial in U.S. History; and the first drug lord extradited to the United States. Reed was a nonviolent offender who became the victim of a tragic judicial sentencing mistake. His controversial story will stun you. It has never been given to any other journalist.”- MayCay Beeler

Find out why Reed gave it up to Beeler in this 5 Star Award-Winning true crime book: Buccaneer-The Provocative Odyssey of Jack Reed- Adventurer, Drug Smuggler and Pilot Extraordinaire from Strategic Media Books. Get out your hankies- the surprise ending will make you weep and smile. You will believe in Destiny.

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