Success doesn’t come easy

I know I have not been as active as I would like on my Author page recently while completing my Intimate Apparel line but it makes me think of focus, dedication and success.

Last weekend while visiting my family in Michigan, and seeing my best friend Tish, I was looking thru a high school scrapbook and came across this keepsake article. No ‘Success doesn’t come easy.’ It reminds me that ‘if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’ I hope you enjoy this article written by a classmate Marla Rudick (Leung). Its funny the things we tuck away, find meaningful and can relate to years later.

Success Doesn’t Come Easy – What is success?
Success? It is many things. It is the winning shot in a basketball game. It is a 4.0 report card for four years. It is being selected Homecoming Queen. It is a beautiful painting or poem. It can be simply finding who you are.
Success is the growing and development of potential. Potential which each of us has at birth. Success measured by the maturation of individual potential. It can be personal satisfaction or popular glory. Success rests in the soul of everyone alive, but is it the one who knows to cultivate potential who wins in the game of life.
Success is based on the opportunities given to you throughout your childhood. For when adulthood comes, the goal must become a reality. When experience and knowledge blend together, they burst and bubble with achievement and prosperity. Success unfortunately doesn’t bloom overnight. It is a skill developed to a peak; a sport practiced for perfection. It is a personal style full of individual qualities. Success is what you desire and receive in life.
Success never wastes potential as so many of us do. It tries to make the most from every situation. It never sits and stays idle for the shortest period possible. It drives and strives for the best. It beats and pulsates for more glory, and burns with envy and jealousy at the excelled accomplishments of a competitor.
Success begins when you decide what you want and when you plan on how to achieve it. Success continues with any work of praise and encouragement. Success is accomplished when you reach the end of your challenge.
There is no limit to potential. Everyone has the power to be great. Even if it is knowing that your tried and were defeated, then never to test your abilities. Everyone should try to achieve and to accomplish a challenge. Glory and satisfaction are on the same corner as success. You can be anything you want, receive anything you want . . . all you have to do is try!

I hope Marla continues to write and share her deep moving thoughts with others and loved ones. Simply beautiful!

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