Subscribers and E-mails: What is happening?

Email marketing has revolutionized how brands communicate with the masses. At the heart of E-mail marketing lies the interaction between a business and its potential customer. The question remains, how effective is that interaction. Can advertising through email convert your subscribers to buyers? To understand that we must find out the exact details of the communication between subscribers and emails.

Everybody is going Mobile

Smartphones have changed the world just as computers did several decades ago. We virtually have the entire world on our palms! Where ordinary people see a massive technological achievement, marketers see a great opportunity. People are using smartphones more often than computers, resulting in a need for digital marketing to focus on shaping their strategies in consideration of mobile phone format. As of 2017, 44% of the world owns a smartphone. Not only is a vast portion of marketing emails being open on smartphones but there is also a low abandonment rate on them in comparison to computers. Most users will abandon an email after opening it on their desktop, which is much less likely to happen with a user checking their mail on mobile. Everybody is going mobile and so should all email marketing services if they want to survive the tough competition.

Putting in HTML’s on emails is a smart and attractive idea, but it is useless if half of your subscribers cannot see it. Seamless and well-structured emails will be preferred by subscribers over unorganized emails that are difficult to navigate through. Efficient email marketing is well integrated and formatted for both computers and smartphones.

Are Emails actually being read?

No matter how smooth your viewing experience is, how smartly written your content is and how exquisitely planned your campaign strategy is, you cannot force your subscribers to read your email! These things are extremely helpful and major reasons behind email marketing success but at the end of the day, it is all about how much attention each individual is paying for your brand.

Today, hundreds of brands market theirs through emails, which is why there is an influx of marketing messages on every user’s inbox and spam. This certainly does not help the case for email readability. Fortunately, the majority of marketing emails are still being opened and read by their respective subscribers.

However, there is a huge difference between reading and effective reading. Many readers just skim through emails, looking only at the juicy bits. Those juicy bits include things such as the use of power words, aesthetically pleasing designs and imagery and strong subject lines. As email marketing competition increases, it’s important to observe trends and share your email strategy accordingly. Marketers should rejoice that most of their emails are still being opened by subscribers but that could very well change unless your campaign is top-notch.

Gmail rules

Gmail is the undisputed king of email services. In the past 5 years, Yahoo and Hotmail have fallen to the incredible services provided by Google. Marketers should adapt to the times and prioritize Gmail over all others. They will also find that most of their subscribers are active on Gmail more often. Optimize your campaign in accordance with the preferences of the majority.

Guest post By Author Christian David