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Being Author is a platform for authors to be able to write and share their stories, experiences, knowledge, opinions, and inspirations with millions of other authors and readers. While you are at it, please keep in mind the terms and conditions for writing on the platform.

Every story published on Being Author gets huge exposure because of our thousands of fans and followers on social media. We have a huge number of Blog subscribes to whom we send our daily blog updates via email. So your story will get instant email publicity because it will land in the email inbox of thousands of people.

Important to NOTE: Please do not submit your book description, book blurb, book excerpt, and about the book as an authors story, we will not entertain any such stories submitted by any author. We have a unique strategy of promoting contents online via our social media networks. We use our network of 405,000 plus followers on various social media platforms to expose your content optimally and substantially.


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  1. Annie Harris-Meachem

    My book is non-fiction and covers a very controversial topic, being African American and having cerebral palsy. It is not just a memoir but also includes related information about civil rights in the US. ow will you promote a book that will cause many people to feel uncomfortable.

    • BeingAuthor Team

      Dear Annie,
      Thank you for seeking clarification on this topic. We always support such causes and will love to promote your book on these topics. We will also provide you a discount for the same, please write to us via our contact page and we will guide you further.

  2. willie wrice

    Hello, I am considering using your service. But I notice you only got 3 categories. Romance, fantasy and mystery. My book doesn’t fall under none of these. My book is about a former life of mines. It’s about music, the streets, betrayal, etc… So where will my book fit in?

    • Team BuzzBUB

      Dear Willie, we are really sorry, at present we are giving special featuring add-on to only these categories, for others we will let you know.

  3. Cart of Books Team

    Dear Terry,
    yes, we will tweet your book three times a day, for 30 days from our twitter accounts,
    your book is only listed on our website, your twitter promotion will start within 24 hrs from now, and will go on for next 30 days.

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