Stop stressing about fantasy names

One of my biggest problems when I first started writing was that I was afraid. Afraid you ask? Of course! What if the entire planet sees this pile of trash I wrote and decides I suck!

The biggest problem wasn’t my grammar or my plots, it was naming. Naming my characters, the story, the title, you name it!

What I finally learned is you have to stop caring, at least in the beginning. You can always use the backspace button. When you make a story you are the boss. No one will question why you named your main character Billy Bob Eric the third. They care about the story and not your methods of naming.

Next time you sit down to write, instead of searching through larping websites, and medieval history just make something up that’s pronounceable and move on. If you don’t like it change it later no one will be the wiser. It works for every other fantasy writer.

Stressing about the small stuff is one of the biggest reasons people are afraid to try. If you don’t try you lose regardless. So get out there and write. Once you try you have already beat most of the population.

This post is contributed as Guest post by Brett D.