Spiritual Warfare & The Art of Deception

Spiritual Warfare & The Art of Deception

The book exposes the tactics and strategies of the Dark Forces and how we’re deceived every day, messed with and made ineffective. While we’re kept distracted, we don’t take the necessary action to help effect change. It demonstrates how many of us have been duped through false spirituality, how this is done and why we fall for it. The “sinister forces” animate those that create social issues, wars, injustices, suffering, environmental issues, and unprecedented conditions on the planet. They are also responsible for creating drama, health issues, financial issues, interpersonal problems and a dependence on others for our spiritual truths so that we are disconnected from Source-Creator and weakened. They then divide and conquer us, and quash our ability to “Return to God.” The information in the book will show us how to detect these strategies, how not to fall for them and what we can do to finally bring Heaven on Earth.

This book is absolutely Awesome.!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re all learning and this book confirmed what my Spirit had spoken to me as truth . It taught me when reading articles and watching videos to stay with what my Spirit says about them. THIS BOOK !!!! Has more truth than all the 50 or 60 I’ve read put together. Every Spiritual person that reads this book will be changed when they finish reading it. Ari Kopel, Thank You for caring about people enough to write TRUTH instead of something to sell and make a dollar. The only book I’ve ever read that is 100% truth. Angel Crim, Brent ALABAMA

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