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Candy is in trouble!
She has been signed up to play a game, not just of life and death but of life and spiritual death. Having had her soul taken by the Rubiconeteka, Eight Goddesses and gods, all with different political opinions and split into factions they share one common need – to feed. Failed contestants of their “games” have the very core of their being feasted upon for eternity.
Of course it can only get worse – Candy is the lead suspect in the killing of her two best friends who were with her that night and after being captured by police she becomes top suspect in the largest spate of serial killings to have ever hit the city. Her actions are noticed by Homicide Detective Sargent Malone, whose interest in Candy grows from necessity to obsession and when she is found temporarily insane and sent to a mental facility, all she can do is keep playing. Being of Epic proportion the book is split into two parts, ‘PSYCHO CANDY’ and then ‘THE L.A DOCUMENT AND THE RIDERS FROM HELL.’ which tells the second part of Candy’s story and the group of supernatural motley crew she joins with to fight the Rubiconeteka. The abilities of her new friends are complimented only by their horrific flaws which at times serve as an advantage yet also begin to highlight truths to Candy about her role in their midst – or has her use of psychedelic drugs and powerful anesthetics simply made her paranoid?
A book which starts you out thinking you’ve stumbled upon an obvious plot from the near beginning, Psycho candy is so full of twists and turns; and as her friends appear, so do their particular roles become fundamental in telling the actual truth surrounding Candy’s story until its astonishing explosive conclusion. Both highly thoughtful and bloodily violent, Psycho Candy is a terrifying read you don’t want to miss.


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