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We Promote your books on our social media accounts by recommending it to our followers.  We  prominently use twitter for social media promotions and the Promotional tweets we send are designed by our marketing experts to give it maximum exposure. 

We give the tweets an info-graphical look by adding the book cover image along with a catch-line about that book to get more engagements on Twitter.

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Our Pro Book promotion package includes following:

With our PRO Promotion plans everyday your book reaches hundreds of thousands of people on social media. before you Submit, please read what we do to promote your Book online:

1. We tweet your book everyday to more than 320,000+ People on Twitter.

We will tweet your book daily from our Twitter accounts, to our combined following of 260,000 Book Lovers form our official twitter accounts: and

$19.99 only
Two (2) promotional tweets daily
30 days of Promotion
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30 days of Promotion
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30 days of Promotion
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We tweet regularly from our official twitter profiles to thousands of quality followers. We call our followers quality followers because our followers are humans not bots. Our followers encourage authors by re tweeting our tweets to get a massive audience for your book.

Since Twitter’s recent addition of inline images , it’s become pretty apparent that including a picture in your Tweets increases engagement.

“Social-media company Buffer has seen an 89% increase in Favorites with images over those without, and a 150% increase in Re-tweets.”

So we post the tweets along with the Image of your Book Cover to boost Engagements. [SEE DEMO TWEET]

We’ll also add a Book buy Link (Kindle, Apple, Nook or any other link of your Choice) in the tweets also, so that our followers can directly buy the Book by visiting the sellers portal instantly.

2. Promotion to our 15,000+ Facebook Fans

We will also recommend your book on Facebook to over 15,000 Facebook users from our Facebook Book recommendation Page: CartofBooks. Only thing our Facebook fans like more than reading eBooks is sharing them with their friends, giving your book the best chance at getting virally distributed.


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So, why wait!! Give your book more exposure by simply filling the details of your book in the form below and submit your book for promotion.

70 thoughts on “Promote your Books on Social Media”

  1. If an author had a book like the Halloween classic “The Legend of Decimus Croome: A Halloween Carol” would they be able to specify the days they wanted the promotion to run so that it coincided w/ the month of Halloween?

  2. Thank you for the opportunity. I am going to try this for my Multi-Award-Winning YA Novel, NOVUS (The Cresecren Chronicles, Book 1). I look forward to the results and see some of my author friends have given this a try. I am hoping for some great exposure! =)

  3. Hi Divyesh,
    Just made my payment. When will promotion begin for: Ubuntu: One Woman’s Motorcycle Odyssey Across Africa. Published by Black Inc. 2016 and endorsed by best selling author Cheryl Strayed. Also published in Poland and on submission to US, UK and Germany. Trying to gain interest in US as finding it gain attention. Thank you for offering this service. Will share far and wide. … in the spirit of ubuntu.

  4. “Squabbles amongst the vegetables” a funny story, which is full of vegetable-themed expressions from everyday life and teaches children the importance of looking after the environment and keeping to a healthy diet.

  5. Many thanks to Being Author site to allow me to submit my children story : “Where do I come from?” which is on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and at other booksellers in USA, GB, Australia.

  6. Wow, what a great service, as the author of 40 books it is so nice to find a place willing to help authors. Thanks you for wwhat you do, so appreciated.

  7. Thank you for the opportunity of submitting my book,”The Secrets of Magic and Metaphysics.” Although the book is written as a fictional novel, it is based entirely on fact from over forty years of teaching Metaphysics. Kind Regards, Lynette Asmar.

  8. Hi, I have just paid for 30 days for one of my books, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, which has been a #1 best seller in True Crime in America and Australia and #1 in Biography in UK, Its also have over 280 x 5* and 85 x 4* reviews across Amazon. I hope to see my book jump up in the charts. If I see that, I will put my other books, FIVE WEEKS, another true story, plus my marketing books, MY WAY and MY WAY TOO. Look forward to seeing postitive results. David P Perlmutter

  9. The creator has arrived and you are more then welcome to know the knowledge of God. Read Help Me To Live Right Written By Kenneth Moses Mitchell Jehovah leading us all into The Kingdom Of Heaven Amen

  10. I’d be grateful for promotion of my two contemporary novels, Chergui’s Child and Daughters of the Lake, both available in Kindle format from Amazon and classified as literary fiction/women’s fiction.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  11. My books “Disappearance in Plain Country,” “Betrayal of the River,” and “Heart of the Wheat Shaft – Mystery in Nebraska Wheatland” are listed on amazon in paperback and kindle formats.

  12. I have two books published. First is Figs, Vines and Roses, the second released Saturday is called The Liberty Bodice. Both by Joy M. Lilley.

    Figs,Vines and Roses an eread only.The Liberty Bodice is an eread and P.O.D. via Create space.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  13. The book I’d like you to promote is:

    Five Flowers, historical reincarnation novel in Kindle and paperback. First 5 wives of Henry VIII reincarnate in Victorian Whitechapel and then again in the USA in the 1960s. Buy from Amazon or B&N.

    Thank you very much.

  14. Color of Grace, The Spy in Me, The Glory of Honor!

    Meet the McAlisters and learn, love, laugh and cry. They will make you understand the truth of what it means to love!

  15. Thanks,
    I have two e-books on Amazon:
    A. Non-fiction- “Rough Enough” a Civil War true life saga.
    B. Non-fiction- “Beachcomber Seashells of the Caribbean” an e-key for shell I.D. Florida to Venezuela.

  16. Hi, and thank you – I thought, however, I had already subscribed – I have sent an email to you asking about promoting a promotion?
    Do you still help with that area?

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