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One Tweet sent to over 71,000+ people online with a Custom promotion Banner for your book.

  • One Time Book recommendation to 71,000+ Twitter followers
  • Custom promotional Banner
  • Featured Listing on Instagram





Daily up to 4 (Four) tweets, sent across to 301,500+ followers on Twitter for 30 days.

  • 30 Days of Book Promotion
  • 120 Tweets (Daily 4 Tweets)
  • Featured Listing on our Website
  • Book recommendation to 28,000+ Facebook users
  • Facebook groups feature
  • 2 Customized Book Posters
  • Featured Listing on Instagram





Daily Four (4) tweets, sent across to over 301,500+ readers for up to 90 Days.

  • 90 Days of Book Promotion
  • 360 Tweets (Daily 4 Tweets)
  • Featured Listing on our Website
  • Book recommendation to 28,000+ Facebook users
  • Facebook groups feature
  • 4 Customized Book Posters
  • Featured Listing on Instagram
  • Instagram Stories Listing
  • Featured Listing on Pinterest

We prominently use Twitter for social media promotions. The promotional tweets that we send from our accounts are designed by a team of marketing experts so that your book gets maximum exposure. To get started, submit the information requested in the booking form below.

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I promoted my children’s book with Being Author. It was posted earlier today, and within only a few hours, downloads of my book increased drastically. The book has not been listed to the additional Twitter pages yet, but I am excited about the sudden increase to downloads.

Grace LaJoy Henderson,
Author of Bestselling Children’s book

We tweet your books to over 301,500 plus organic Followers via our Twitter network of 6 Twitter accounts.

Daily Four (4) promotional tweets shared across to 301,500+ readers; Starting from $45 (USD) only. Every tweet that we post will be attached with a Customised promotional banner of your book, and a book buy link of your choice (Amazon, BN, Kobo, Apple, etc.)

Twitter is the most Powerful Tool to make your book Reach Thousands of Targeted Readers. Our tweets are sent out and shared across our 6 associated Twitter accounts to give your books maximum exposure.

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