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The further adventures of previously blind Horace Mayberry now fitted with nanotronic AI eyes having superhuman properties that can range over most of the electro-magnetic spectrum. To pay for them he has been apprenticed to an active government secret agent, Major Aubrey Jackson. In this action-packed Book Two of the series, five nanotronic beam weapons have been stolen by terrorists from the laboratory that developed them and distributed to their hideouts all over Europe. The two agents must locate and recover the weapons before the terrorists learn how to use them. Only Horace’s intelligent eyes have the ability to interact with the beam weapons, and discover their location. The missions take the team first to Tenerife in Spain, then to Scotland, France, and Austria. His experiences cause Horace’s amazing eyes to develop more abilities to assist him, especially when he is in mortal danger. They also begin to change the young agent’s personality and cause him to have vivid dreams of hazardous situations involving himself, his colleagues and his new girl friend.

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