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The Pogstles Guide to Decent Living

For some creatives art isn’t enough. For some intellectuals puzzles are not enough. Creator, Rosie Hartmann, fashioned a unique blend of both worlds in one format–a way to appease both sides of the brain as needed. For those who have overactive minds–whether that’s creatively or logically–The Pogstles Guide To Decent Living is a playful yet complex book that is created to engage and uplift users with a dose of blunt positivity and snarky hidden messages.

With The Pogstles Guide To Decent Living each message is tailored toward the inner child with a twist. Using slightly acerbic messages to convey an inspiring message, this is not your average book. Each message must be worked for in order to be discovered, but each one is so worth it and absolutely addictive.

Filled with custom artwork, blank pages for writing, and an exclusive alphabet of symbols, The Pogstles Guide To Decent Living is an out of the box approach toward the conventional brain games that have gained immense popularity over the years.

Fresh and to the point, this 136-page book includes 46 custom artwork pieces and plenty of hidden messages that are worth the time it takes to solve them. Meant for mature audiences, there are absolutely no cheesy “follow your heart, passion is life” messages in this book. Instead you’ll find real wisdom that does more than just “speak to your heart.”

Enlivening, engaging, and profoundly addicting, you’ll find yourself mesmerized with these thoughtfully designed puzzles for hours on end.


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