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Kleptomaniac: Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway?

“This book will demystify the subject of Christian tithing which has been a yake of bondage for many christians. A well researched and highly accessible read.” Review By Thabani AMAZON APPLE OTHER KLEPTOMANIAC, Who’s...

From An Office Window

The word ‘why’ tormented Chloe Livingston, baker of Camden Bake Shop, relentlessly since her husband, Jake, vanished on that snowy night two years ago. Did he die on that mountain? Life turned miserable until...

The French Secret

If you’re a devotee of historical fiction, then you will fall in love The French Secret which is a highly entertaining family saga


Dream or reality? Part fantasy, part crime and 100% vivid imagination.

ABC of Immigration

Written with precision – outlining, cases, political developments, commentary and guidance on every significant aspect of immigration in the UK.