To Oneself – the Author, we talk: Transitioning the writing

“To be or not to be”(William Shakespeare play Hamlet Act 111, Scene 1), such is the soliloquy we use as our opening phrase; to place meaning on the word emphasis: To Be an Author, how it welcomes us to the literary stage.

How our ‘conscience does make cowards’ of us all, for the life of a writer subjects us to such criticism that becomes our driving force, to move the reader towards a cliff edge moment full of passions that ignite, adventures that abound or suspense that leaves a reverberation – the shockwaves of sound. The allegiance that speaks of a legacy to write, how we carefully construct our words, how we labour over the language to ensure it moves us beyond the current place in time.

As an artist who so wants to create, we put ourselves into a position of vulnerability, the accountability and ownership of our words, the message we are trying to release into a world, a choice of medium that wants to educate, to show through our prose such emotion that will distort the perceptions and create an alternative view.

Gary Zukav’s The Seat of the Soul, says it best:

Every action, thought, and feeling is motivated by an intention, and that intention is cause that exists as one with an effect. If we participate in the cause, it is not possible for us not to participate in the effect. In this most profound way, we are held responsible for our every action, thought, and feeling which is to say, for our every intention…. It is therefore, wise for us to become aware of the many intentions that inform our experience, to sort out which intentions produce which effects, and to choose our intentions according to the effects that we desire to produce.

It is here at the transition station from writer to Author, we are pulled up, do we continue our ticket to ride or allow self doubt to position us on a platform that grounds to a halt. The fear that we have invited the prose police into our private world of alliteration, how we have released our very intimate thoughts into a public forum of hungry grammatical bullies that will pull us to pieces word for word, and of a plethora of social search engines that will weave their own web of deceit. The cyberstalkers, haters & hackers who will take great pleasure in walking through your mind with dirty feet.

Our inner voice, that tells us we have a desire to teach others through the medium that speaks of words, that structures sentences and or places lines of rhyme on a page, how this enemy of mind, requires skilful workmanship to turn it into a masterful tool from which we are then capable of critiquing the work as if a Teacher back at school. Edit, proofread, dump, remove adverbs, implement nouns, convey the information, tell your story; bring back the words lost to now be found.

As an author we take the writing to a whole new level that leaves its readers with amazing pieces that capture a definitive image in the mind, lines on the page that have become an intricate part of the machinery that will analyse and critique, process and evaluate to stir a reaction, and bring about a new frequency that will unveil to the reader – the writers voice.

An author must understand their audience well and move them through the province of such style that eliminates a choice of right or wrong, instead bringing in a contextualised language that activates interest and disrupts thought.

An author understands that it is their raw material from which the book is crafted but even more so that to truly master writing is to place literature into a publication that will endure and have the potential to effect change.

The exercise of developing oneself through writing, recognises the prime examples that are chosen as the selected passages; that give way to a great philosophy of which is derived from the experiences of life. The writing is the well versed craft that becomes the result of painstaking, thoughtful application to piece together prose and as an Author make a book of Art.

A Promise and purpose that speaks of your intent will always move a writer into a world of Authors that demands we pack a powerful punch.

This post is contributed as Guest post by Anita Wilson.

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