Most Effective Ways to Overcome Your Writing Problem

Writers face diverse challenges. Sometimes, these challenges may not surface letting you write as much as you can. But other times, they just stir at you in the face, keeping you from writing something meaningful.

Things like the fear of failure, writer’s block, procrastination and loss of ideas are some of the challenges writers face. You will feel helpless and frustrated. Many writers also seek expository essay help to fix their writing tasks.

There are ways you can overcome any problem that is preventing you from writing. Some of us have been in this horrible situation before, so it is a pleasure to help you solve yours.

Below are ways you can overcome those problems you are facing as a writer. Read on to learn more.

  1. Identifying the problem

Identifying that there is a problem is the first step to solving it. When you feel the urge to write but can’t even form a sentence, know there is a problem.

You need to find out what is creating the problem for you. Are too tired to write? Are you going through emotional challenges? Are you sick or hungry? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself.

If tiredness from stress is the cause of the problem, all you need to do is get better sleep or rest for a while. If the problem is emotional, get it off of your head as soon as possible.

  1. Get all ideas together

You need ideas to write. In fact, the quality of what you write depends on the ideas you conceived. We often make the mistake of discarding ideas when we feel they are bad. No idea of yours should be labelled as bad when you are still in the brainstorming process.

Get all ideas you have generated together even if you think some are not relevant. You will find out which one of them is relevant when you start writing.

Before you start writing, have a brief brainstorming session. Write down any idea that comes to your mind create bullet points for all your thoughts or ideas so you can get back to them easily. After finishing the brainstorming session, rest for a while and come back to review each idea you have generated to find out which one fits the topic you are writing on.

  1. Deal with Procrastination

The root cause of most of our problems as writers is procrastination. Remember the last time you made plans to finish a particular task but ended up postponing till it was close to the deadline.

Writing under pressure isn’t good for you as a writer. And it happens when you don’t manage time properly. You’ll find yourself racing to meet the given deadline without considering the quality of what you’re writing.

Procrastination is a serious problem that any writer looking to succeed must fight to a standstill. Let’s look at ways to overcome it.


  • Make detailed schedule for the writing task
  • In the schedule, write down the deadline you will be completing the rough draft, revision and proofreading.
  • Agree on a deadline to publish the book or whatever you are writing.
  • Have some break so you can come back with a fresh mind and perspective to complete the job.
  1. Build Your Confidence

Fear is one the problems writers face. Fear of work being rejected or criticized, fear of not presenting a book that is up to expectation.

You need to build your confidence as a writer. If you have confidence in yourself, it will reflect in your writing. Remember that the only achievement you can get from being afraid is making regrettable and avoidable mistakes. Fear breeds mistakes. If you don’t trust whatever you are writing, then don’t expect others to.

Once you have already accepted that you are going to fail, there is a high possibility it is going to happen. The following tips will help in this scenario.


  • Believe in yourself and show positive attitude
  • Get a close friend to review your book or writing. From the review, you will know the area you need to work on and what you need to do.

These are some of the most effective ways you can get rid of your writing problem and become that author you have always wanted. These problems are the limiting factors, preventing you from moving further. You have to believe in yourself, take your writing tasks seriously and follow the tips listed here to eliminate your writing challenges. Once you are able to get rid of your writing problems, you will achieve more as a writer.

This post is contributed as Guest Post by Mia Stokes.