Set and forget, low cost promotion service for romance books

Yes, we have a special Genre-specific promotion service for Romance Books.

In order to give your Romance books more exposure, we have a unique strategy that we use in our Genre Specific promotion services for Romance Books.

why choose us:

Set and forget, low cost book promotion.
Targeted Book promotion to reach niche audience of Romance Books.
Continual book promotion for only $ 8.99 (USD) per month.
Your Book promotion starts within 24 hrs.
Quality service and 24/7/365 dedicated support.
Easy cancellation.

Important to Note:

We do not review Books and other contents.
You don’t need to send a copy of your book.
You don’t need to do book giveaways.

We have made it Quick and Easy, all you have to do, is to simply submit your book details in the form below and we will do the rest. Before you submit, please read what we do to promote your book online:

How it works:

It’s Simple, submit your book details in the form below and we will start promoting your book Niche Audience on twitter. We will recommend you book by tweeting it Daily to our combined following of 100,000 Romance Book Lovers form from our Genre Specific twitter accounts for Romance Books:

You can choose among these two options for your Book promotion. Pricing of these two plans are based on the number of daily tweets you want us to send form our twitter accounts. YOU CAN:

  • BUZZ your Book – $8.99 per month : One (1) Tweet Daily on Twitter
  • BLAST your Book – $24.99 per month : Three (3) Tweets Daily on Twitter

So, your book recommendation reaches daily to thousands of people looking to read Romance books with a link to the bookstore of your choice (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.).

  • Your Daily promotional tweets will be designed by our Marketing Experts to get more engagements on Twitter during the promotion. we post the tweets along with the Image of your Book Cover to boost Engagements.
  • It will be directly linked to your book to any one Bookstore of your choice like: Amazon, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble or any other, so that visitors can easily buy your book by visiting the bookstore instantly. [SEE EXAMPLE]
  • Cancel anytime – You can cancel the promotion anytime when you want to stop. Its easy, you cancel on you own via PayPal or you can send a cancellation request.


Have more questions? Send a request from our Contact us page or Email Us.

Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business.
You can also read some of the great things they’ve said about us.

All of it in just $8.99 (USD) per month. To promote your book with Being Author niche marketing service for Romance Books, Just Fill a simple form below to sign up for any of our plan and we will start your Promotion within 24 hrs.

57 thoughts on “Set and forget, low cost promotion service for romance books”

  1. Hi there! I’ d like to know if BuzzBUB is only for English language books or is It possibile to promote also other language books ie Italian
    Thanks and WTG to all !

    1. Dear Author, yes you are right.
      We at present have only provide services for Books in English language, soon we re going to include services for other languages also.
      We will inform you once we have for the Italian Language Books.

  2. Just paid “being author” for the promotion of our book “Why of Everything” i’m really curious what kind of exposure the promotion will bring.

    1. Thank you, we really appropriate it. If you want to promote a specific genre. You can use the niche promotional services of BuzzBUB also.

    1. Dear Karen, we promote every book in a separate promotional campaighn, so you need to seperately submit each one. You can submit as many books as you want.

    1. Dear Karen,
      Thank you for writing to us. We will be adding services for more genres very soon. We will let you kNow once we are done.

  3. My book is non-fiction and covers a very controversial topic, being African American and having cerebral palsy. It is not just a memoir but also includes related information about civil rights in the US. ow will you promote a book that will cause many people to feel uncomfortable.

    1. Dear Author, We support civil rights in whatever capacity we can. we will be glad to promote your book. Please sign up for our promotional services and we will do our best to support your cause.

  4. Hello, I am considering using your service. But I notice you only got 3 categories. Romance, fantasy and mystery. My book doesn’t fall under none of these. My book is about a former life of mines. It’s about music, the streets, betrayal, etc… So where will my book fit in?

    1. Dear Willie, we are really sorry, at present we promote to only those categories, once we will start for others, we will let you know.

  5. Good morning…I understood I would receive 3 daily tweets. I’ve only seen one tweet since paying the fee and that was on the 26th.

    1. Dear Terry,
      Yes, we will tweet your book three times a day, from our twitter accounts,
      your twitter promotion will start within 24 hrs from now, and will go on until you cancel the plan.

  6. I signed up to give this a try. I hope it helps get my name out there as a writer and make my dreams come true like we all want. I appreciate that BUZZBuB is willing to help us. =)

  7. So my case is a unique one.
    I’m not published yet, but I am crowd funding my book through a website called Inkshares.
    They are a lovely group of authors that have a small group of networks that get books published through crowd funding. It works pretty well from what I’ve seen.
    However it seems to favor those with a large social circle: Something I do not have.
    I saw this and didn’t know whether or not it would still be worth getting my name out there on this site even if I’m still crowd funding it.
    The book is up, you can read the prologue and the first couple chapters and preorder if that is your inclination.
    my question is whether this is still a viable option for someone like me?

    1. Dear Joseph,
      Yes it is still an option for you. you can either use the pre-order link or the crowd funding link of the website

  8. Dear Team Cart of Books

    Thanks for your info regarding Book promotion.
    I’ve just submitted the form and paid for a Regular Plan.
    Look forward to seeing our second Poem collection promoted by the social media you’ve mentioned above.


    Maria do Céu

  9. Thank you for this opportunity. Trying this for my Multi-Award-Winning YA Novel, NOVUS (The Cresecren Chronicles, Book 1). I look forward to the results and see some of my author friends have promoted with you. I am hoping for some great results! =)

  10. I submitted my Fantasy Novel BREAKING THE SHACKLES a couple days ago and look forward to seeing how your promotions work. This is the first book in my series REBIRTH OF EIRINTH that I’ve been creating for seven years with commissioned artwork by my Graphic Design Artist, my website and original music I created, and the 288-page Paperback and 421-page E-Book both up now on Amazon! I have a Christian Romance series I’m revising the first book for as well. I’m looking forward to seeing new readers in my Fantasy world of Eirinth soon! THANK YOU… TCK ^___~

  11. I have thirteen books, ten of which I would like to promote. What would be my one-time cost for promoting these ten books?

    1. Dear Alan , we charge on per book basis, so you will have to pay for each of your three books.
      We recommend you to try our promotion with one of your books, if you like it, then definitely you can submit more books.

  12. I am willing to use your service but see no place for uploading book cover or saying when I want the promotion to start.

    1. we will pull the details from the link which you will provide and we will start withing 48 hrs, unless otherwise requested by the author.

  13. Hello there. I am doing a current promotion through your website right now for my book Heartfelt Words Poetry. I was wondering if you could please change the link that is used in the tweet as that link is no longer valid. Here is the new link to use:

    Jordan Smith

    1. Your book cover will be taken from the link of your book, which you can provide in the section of Book link.

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