A look at publishing from the eyes of a newbie author

I really like it when someone calls me an author and I ‘m sure you do too, or rather you will if someone called you that in the future. The thing is that it’s not easy being an author. It can take months or even years to write a book and then you must go to the hassle of getting the book published, approaching publishers, sending out manuscripts, writing concept notes and query letters and then, well then nothing. You wait and this wait is the most excruciating and heartbreaking part of the publishing process. Finally, when you have honed your manuscript a thousand times and you finally find a publisher who is willing to take a risk with you, the newbie about to be added to the ranks of authors, you may have to wait a year before the publisher is satisfied with the editing and you have a book cover and everything else that you could possibly need. You do get a lousy advance being a first time author but hell it’s something. Then the book comes out and you get a couple of positive reviews. You tell your friends and your family, hell you tell the entire neighborhood. You realize that you must do all the heavy lifting to market your book and even at the end of it all the payday is not what you had expected.

If this does not work out you do have a couple other scenarios. The first one is that you are already a celebrity and publishing houses are lining up to profit from the big chunk of your followers. They offer you huge advances and your book is out there in no time. Well, good for you.

The second one, and the more likely scenario is that you turn to self publishing. You have heard the stories of successful indie authors who keep a major chunk of their royalties and get to make millions, authors like Christopher Paolini, Amanda Hocking, J A Konrath and John Locke. What most people going down this path don’t realize is that it is equally or even more tough to be a self publishing success. The lesson here my dear readers is that writing is a dismal, low profit and highly unappreciated profession but we still do it because at the end of the day there is nothing we would rather be doing with our lives, because we love to write and to be appreciated for what we write. As unlikely as success is, it is still possible and the rewards our huge. My only advice to you is to keep your head down and keep writing.

This Post is Contributed by Shitij Sharma