Living in a fast and furious Digital Marketing World

Since the inception of  digital marketing, the landscape has changed the way we socialize advertise. Facebook/Amazon/google/twitter/ to name a few burst onto the scene  taking  up a lion’s share of income revenue stream from giant conglomerates.

We live in a world where our business survival depends on information and implementation of the  knowledge attained.It’s either embrace cyberspace or suffer financial consequences .

Based on a survey written by the web is responsible for 2.2 trillion dollars in sales  accounting for 64% of all in-store sales. If that figure isn’t enough to  get your juices flowing check this statistic out .

There 2.7 million blog post published every day ( , more than 2.9 billion people use google search daily (

By the year 2017 sources say there will be more traffic on the internet than in all other years combined (source Knox web)

As you can see There is enough Low-hanging fruit and liquid going around to wet your appetite but you have to incorporate a few techniques and formulas in order to surf the wave  .

Below are a list of assets that you need now:


Learn how to convey your message effectively. Throughout  our day to day movements, we are involved in conversations about various things. I know it sounds common but it is a tool that we as business owners/affiliates/marketers  under-use.

Allow  me to draw an analogy,there are 3.26 billion human beings using the internet,facebook has 1.55 billion.Time to Remove the mist from our eyes and start using these platforms to engage with our demographic audience.


At times you will be gungho on your quest  to accomplish  money making goals, Yes I said it “money making” because it is tossed around the web  as if it can be accomplished with the snap of a finger with very little thought.It is not hard but more so an art.Before I drill down  a little deeper take into consideration that 70 % of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy Altimiter.

The greatest asset to have  is the ability to resolve. Whilst I have seen,heard my fellow affiliates dialogue,they seem to place more  emphasis on curation and endurance when in fact there should be a balanced mix of intent /creation/dedication.Intent Is When oneAnalyzes issues based off of quantifiable data , personal feedback and responds accordingly.

Tools are essential to help achieve our goals in the world of commerce tooFor instance,I am guilty of  not having  a lead  capture page  ,the very instrument I need to capture my prospects email/phone number.

What will happen if you show up to change a car tire without levers /wrenches /tire plugs ,Your job will be much harder.Fortunately ,the tools   needed for our Ecommerce needs are  downloadable no  lifting required , an investment of time and money.

Take a look at what specific mindset and utensils are needed to help you cope in an era of  social media  supremacy.

Auto- Responder:

An auto responder hosts your email list and gives you the affordability to craft emails to your audience on auto pilot depending on your preference while you attend to the daily routine of your life.


Distractions ,spam,scams are a part of the package so we have got to navigate by having a detailed plan in place as to what we want to achieve and how best can we go about doing it.

Before I drill a little deeper take into consideration that 70 % of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy Altimeter.

Focus and strategy Compliment Each-other .

Personally, I need to boost my strategy too so there is no need to feel as if your the only person that needs to buck up.


Monday you are kicking ass online Tuesday your kind of sluggish nothing seems to blend. This is a problem that all marketers face as we are imperfect . Fortunately, we can remedy the issue,As we tons of information floating around to cure the problems.

The focal point is solution orientated. Yes, it takes the time to measure/read data/research but doing so enables you build authority and become a trusted source.

How do you feel about digital marketing ? Feel free to comment share your thoughts.

This Post is contributed as Guest Post by Jamel Hassell