Let Your Characters Write Your Story

While writing a good story, let’s face it: we want to control where our manuscript is going. When I write, I don’t let that happen. Instead, I let the characters decide what they’ll do, who they meet, what they say, and what they think. My characters write their own story. They have a personality and guide me, as opposed to me guiding them. I have written many character-driven works from different perspectives. The characters interact with each other and make it very easy to develop a good story. That may sound daunting at first, but think: if we put ourselves in the character’s shoes it will be easy to take the story’s journey together, both creator and creations.

We tend to reach points while writing where we run into a wall. Many people develop writer’s block. I, on the other hand, do not. I become my character’s and they become me. For the time being, I am the master of my created world. The character’s do not draw on me, but I draw on them. They are my children, and with my trust, they go to higher places, elevating the personal messages and writing styles behind my heart-warming stories. I have written successfully in both male and female first perspectives on novels based on my ability to become one with the character.

Stories matter, everyone has one, and as writers and content creators we must put our all into the story. Our characters are the ones that must experience what we write, and we should walk along side the characters we have created. When we can think like them, we can put on their skin, and live their passionate lives. I recommend that all writers try this technique at least once. If you like it, then use it all the time, and never stop writing. Our characters matter to everyone, including all our readers and fans. How thrilling would it be if our readers could imagine the characters we make having a little piece of us inside of them? Our characters can satisfy others as well as us. Become your character and they will become you, adding their raw intensity into your experience you go through when you are making the story. This is our story, and our characters deserve everything, as they are courageous enough to go on your quest with you. Live life through your characters’ eyes today. It is the most exciting and exhilarating ride you can ever live through as a writer, and the good part is that you can do it over and over again in countless ways.

Contributed as Guest post by Bryan Varner

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