Labor of Love : My alone times were spent writing, every emotion.

I remember well to this day how my writing journey has unfolded through the years. My alone times were spent writing, every emotion, my thoughts, my fears and what God was doing for me and with me. I didn’t clearly understand it, what my journey was about, what my purpose is in this life. Whether writing poetry, lyrics, testimonies, my own thoughts on life I found a way to speak with the Lord. The moment I opened the Bible again was a day like any other. I was truly saved by the grace of God that spring season of 2001. After my diagnoses with an anxiety disorder life were clearer I didn’t have to hide behind closed doors. Sharing my writing projects with best friends was the most carefree experience, it was them who encouraged me to full fill my writing dreams that were once just a dream. Every poem, every entry was a book in the making. I didn’t know where to even begin, it was an online friend who encouraged self-publishing. Soon after began the search for standard traditional publishers. For the next 5 years entered poetry submissions into poetry contests and would end up submitting an original rough draft of a somewhat manuscript, 4 rejections and 2 acceptances, however, weren’t cracked up to be publishers in the industry. I kept in the back of my mind my friend who had mentioned self-publishing, it clicked.

In 2011 found a way to connect and communicate with an audience via social media, it led me to Guy Kawasaki who wrote APE among 12 other very successful books. Low and behold found CreateSpace an independent online self-publishing site. The years of writing were about to pay off, it was then in March of 2013 when The Poetry Diaries was officially released. My labor of love was an actual book on the reading market, to nationwide readers of all ages. I’m truly grateful to find my niche in the writing world as an author, a mentor to others who have lost their way in life. 3 other books would follow in the 8 part series, and still in the process of completing the series in 2017. It was The Poetry Diaries my labor of love, it’s the first book that would make an impact, and a reminder of those earlier years, the days were long and sometimes most stressful, it was writing that got me through those days. That is never forgotten. If I can make a difference in one life, imagine what I can do with several. It’s not about being the best selling author making millions, it’s the purpose behind what you do. That is just me putting a smiling on someone’s face, giving them a sense of peace and content who opens any of the books. What an incredible sense of purpose in the world.