Interacting With Authors On Twitter

Most, if not all, living authors use Twitter. Twitter is a great tool for reaching out and speaking with other authors as well as publishers. When an author-for example, Lois Lowry-sees an enthusiastic tweet tagging them and praising their amazing talent, they tend to respond. This is not to say, “go kiss up to famous authors,” (although that helps, too ), but rather to put yourself in the light. When an author tweets back to you, other followers and authors see it and that leads them to your work.

Let’s face it, JK Rowling isn’t going to see a single tweet that says, “hey girl! I love your work!” She gets that all the time. Use Twitter as if it is still your Microsoft word, Google docs, PDF, whatever! Say inspired things, tweet often, and tag other authors when it’s relevent. Rowling may not see your “hey girl” tweet, but she may just see a response to her already posted tweet if it is something that came from the heart. More than that, she may even respond or retweet, starting a possible conversation. I gained a lot of followers on my personal Twitter for a response to a tweet that I tweeted from the heart:

Twitter is a great tool to use to become known and recognised and very well may earn you some street cred. Of you’re looking to be recognised as an author, it’s probably best to do these things from your author page rather than your personal one like I did. Remember, people like JK Rowling have A LOT of tweets to skim through each day, if you want to be noticed, say something worth hearing. Also, images help because they’re noticable.

And remember, #usehashtags

This post is contributed as Guest post by Violet Voright.

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