How To Crush Social Media In Only 2 Minutes A Day

Assimilating the fact that a faker does not have much in depth in his work. Not enough quality values in the things. He is a facking or a pretending to be.

How to avoid the fakers? How to differentiate you from the fakers?

Good questions!

I never took the time to think about it.

These could and would help:

  • Social proof
  • Questionnaires and survey
  • Recommendations (keep them coming in)
  • Reviews from readers
  • Photographs and video to proof what you are doing and also fight the fakers. Who usually wants the easy and fancy part of the job.
  • Interviews are also a good way to show, talk about the quality of the work done or research etc…
  • Vlogging about the book
  • DVD (talking about the book and the marketing of it)

For example, as a travel writer, I shared anecdotes and short stories about my experience. I talk about inside of the book and add a lively and live point of view. In videos, emotions aren’t disguised. It will be easy to see if it is true or a lie.

Goodreads grant a badge to authors. This is a good way to recognize the fakers from the non-fakers. to recognize the badge users as Goodreads authors. On different platforms, there are ways to differentiate me from fakers.

Traditional authors have an easy way they get credit out of their publisher. Indie authors are fighting the most to differentiate themselves from the fakers. No publishing company to back them up. The author does everything unless he hires a public relation or PR for the book. The PR the credibility needed from critics and influent people or Media.

Ndeye Labadens

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This post is contributed as Guest post by Ndeye Labadens.

Ndeye Labadens, BSBA, MBA, DBA candidate. Multi-Best-Selling Author, Vlogger, Entrepreneur, and World traveler. I l🤩ve to read

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