How do I start my story?

How do I start my story?  This is a question that many authors face, as they stare at the blank page.  I am going to share my method of starting to write that really works for me.  The method is called jam writing, or writing for ten minutes without stopping to edit or worry about flow.  I was taught this form of writing in high school, where I practiced jam writing daily by keeping a journal.  Back then, I would write about something that was bothering me, or about an event that I wanted to remember.  It was a rewarding process, that resulted in me being able to clear my mind and work through my feelings.

Now as the journaling has evolved into story writing, I still use the jam writing technique at the start of every story.  Getting all my ideas down on the page is the first step in my writing process.  For me, the continuous flow of writing gives me more ideas.  There has been times that I have wrote that I don’t have enough ideas for a story, or the story idea doesn’t work.  Usually, after writing these statements one or two times, I will have an idea come to me.  The one idea is all I need to give me confidence in my idea, and then more ideas come to me as I continue to write.   From that written page of ideas, I can then organize them and build my outline.

I hope the jam writing technique can help writers overcome the fear of where to start in the writing process.  It has helped me tremendously, and I encourage other authors to try it.