Hold the Faith by Susan M B Preston

As Benjamin discovers, it is not easy to be the great-grandson of the last living apostle.
Every mistake is noticed.

When he is offered the opportunity to accompany his great-grandfather around the fellowships of the region he is overjoyed.

It is two years and many experiences later when they return to Ephesus.

Everything has changed, including him. More mature, he wants to marry Deborah, who has grown up while he has been gone. He has the bride price, can support a wife with his work as a scribe, and he has prayed for favor.

But his plans go dramatically wrong. Her father has other plans for Deborah.

Despairing, angry with God, and questioning his faith Benjamin signs on as a grape-picker and leaves Ephesus.

Will his flight help him decide on his future?

Or will it take him further from God?


If you like inspirational stories with characters you can relate to, this award-winning book is for you.


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