Heal On Purpose: One Quote At A Time

If you are suffering from any form of illness – whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual – Heal On Purpose: One Quote At A Time, is the best medicine you can take. Dan Phillips’ healing, soothing words will bypass your body and speak straight to your heart, to your soul, to that place which knows the Truth, way beyond whatever is happening on this physical plane of existence.

Dan’s words will heal you profoundly and perfectly as they make their journey from mind to soul, taking you from an idyllic place of self-love, perfection, divinity, and wonder. This book, and the beautiful, poetic words within will teach you detachment, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, shedding the ego, releasing negative doubts on a whole other level than most other self-help books out there. Take a dose of this book every day, no matter what your ‘illness’ and you will begin to heal on purpose, one quote at a time…


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