Getting my TALON books published

My name is Gigi Sedlmayer and I live in Australia born in Germany.

After I finished writing (I have to say, it took me 15 years) the first novel in the Talon series about Matica and Talon, TALON, COME FLY WITH ME, I wrote lots of query letters and sent my manuscript to several conventional publishers here in Australia. And guess what? I always got that rejection letter back. I even lost count of them. I tried for many years. I failed. (Waiting for their reply)

Next, I approached an editor and agent and she edited my book, what I thought, properly. (Later one I found out, she wasn’t as good as I thought. Being German, I couldn’t tell the difference) She loved my book and she tried to place it with conventional publishers. But she too failed.

So I looked up all the self-publishers here in Australia and decided to let my book be published by BookPal in Brisbane. At that time, they were new here in Australia and weren’t as expensive as the rest. They did a good job with the designing of the cover page, the outlaying of the book, the distribution, and making an eBook and paperback. They also wrote a press release. But I had no contract with them.

When I finished the second book in the Talon series, TALON, ON THE WING, I approached them again. But to my horror, they became way too expensive.  So I waited and in the meantime, I wrote the third book, TALON, FLIGHT FOR LIFE.

Not being able to publish the next two books, since they became too expensive, a friend of ours offered me to pay for these two books. Why? Because he just loved the first book and thought, the books have to go out, people have to read them. So I published them with BookPal again.

But after finishing the fourth book, TALON, CONNECTED, I looked for a different publisher. I know, there were cheaper ones out there, like Create space, but since one has to do nearly everything themselves, and I, not familiar with things like that, formatting and that stuff, couldn’t do it with them. So I looked for another publisher and found Aurora House. I found her on Facebook, asking her to review my first book. She loved it so much, that she told me that she is a publisher as well and if I like to publish my next book. She was cheaper and very nice people.

Since TALON, CONNECTED was already edited in that time, she just published it. Later she found out, that there were mistakes in it, but it was too late to correct them.

In the meantime, I wrote the fifth book TALON, ENCOUNTER. She edited it and published it.

Now I finish writing the sixth book, TALON, WINDSONG, it is waiting for editing. But again, I have to wait, for getting the money together. It’s not always easy. As much as I like to get the books out there, as fast as possible, but everything costs.

The books are not doing as well as we thought, however, the success is standing right behind the next corner. I know that. And that’s, why I never give up. Not that I could stop writing anyway, my head is full of the adventures, Matica, my main character, is facing.

In the meantime, my editor and publisher edited the first novel again and published it new. She thinks, the other books have to be newly edited as well, and I agreed. But finding the money again? It all is not easy.

That is my adventure, with my writing experience. It all took me over 20 years.

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This post is contributed as the Guest post by Gigi Sedlmayer.

Born in Berlin, Germany, in 1944. Studying architectural drafting in Munich, I met Albert in 1965, marrying in 1967.
May 1975 we moved to New Zealand. Became adoptive parents in 1989.
1992 moved to Australia. Survived cancer, I started to write stories. One of the stories was about handicapped Matica and her giant condor Talon. Matica is me
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