Dodger Dog at the Caravan

On Dodger’s visit to the caravan he introduces his sister Shea to his friends Mr Seagull and Mrs Rabbit.

Dodger Dog Learns Something New

Dodger Dog is shocked to find out that some people make judgements on appearance alone, he wants to make it stop and to put an end to breed specific legislation

Dodger Dog Finds a Job

Dodger Dog dreams of the perfect job, he goes on a journey exploring all the valuable jobs a dog can do, he then realises he is a Pet Therapy Dog and already has a Job

Dodger Dog Loves the Oceans

Dodger Dog learns why it’s important to recycle, what happens when you do and what can happen when you don’t

Dodger Dog says Goodbye

Dodger explains that talking about the person who has died and sharing your feelings is the best way to come to terms with your loss.