From golf course error to publishing brand

My son wanted to join the high school golf team so we worked together on his scoring ability and reviewed the rules of golf.

Upon reading the section on attending the flagstick I was reminded about an embarrassing situation when I was a teenager, where my father publicly berated me for how I mishandled the situation.

30 years later I realized I was correct in how I performed and felt there must be a better way of learning the rules and etiquette of golf other than through hearsay from golfers who generally do not have the correct answer.

To achieve this goal I wrote a humorous and educational story explaining each rule in a real-world example.

This first book, on the rules, lead to a follow-up title on golf etiquette, which then transitioned into books of short stories as well as a journal, an architectural course sketchpad, and even an adult coloring book, and became The Golf Rules brand.

My marketing then leads me to be interviewed on satellite radio for the PGA TOUR radio station and writing articles for multiple golf magazines. I now have a dozen published titles with sales all over the world and have made many personal and professional friends throughout the golfing community.

This post is contributed as a Guest post by Richard E Todd.

Richard E Todd, author of The Golf Rules series, Short Stories from the Long Links, and other titles has been heard on the PGA Tour radio station and seen in On The Green magazine.
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