From Frights to Flaws: 2nd Edition

From Frights to Flaws: 2nd Edition

An Adventure of Modern Magic

Life is unfair for twelve-year-old Alyssa McCarthy. She lost her parents at age seven and her aunt at nine. She has known nothing but her uncle’s harsh rules enforced on her and her cousin, Hailey, for three years. But everything changes when Alyssa discovers something shocking—magic. Strange incidents occur, hinting at a sorcerer about to kidnap Alyssa. And that warlock takes her away from her New Jersey home.

Alyssa is trapped on the enchanted Fiji island of Yanowic. Unless she can defeat the magical beasts and the sorcerer who wants to weaken her, Alyssa will be stuck in the nation. Can she succeed, even with wizards and magical technology monitoring her?

Originally published in 2013, the book has been updated to its full potential while keeping the same storyline.


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