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Four Seasons to Self-Reliance: Stories of Those Living It

Four Seasons to Self-Reliance tells the stories of individuals in different areas of the United States who are living self-reliant lifestyles. Each chose levels of achievement apart from others mentioned in the book. The narratives vary from off-grid to simply growing ones own food for better nutrition and for economical purposes. The reader will relate to one or more descriptions of how to become self-reliant by following their own dreams to reality. All continue to find means of earning money to take care of necessary basics, for example taxes. Some need more income than others depending on the level they have chosen to follow. All are stewards of their pieces of land and have learned how to take advantage of the bounty from the earth. Most choose not to live close to neighbors and are focused on reaching independence. They are on the journeys to meet individual goals. Others, though still working the land, have reached a level where they can fully enjoy their accomplishments.

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