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Fire of the Fallen: Book One of the Channelbane

Outcast by her own people, Tallyn is a stranger in Theros. Yet when a savage enemy attacks her new home, she turns to the only power she’s ever known: dark magic. But her choice has a price, for a woman who wields the Dark is cursed to live forever as a being of the shadows.

Torn between aiding the refugees of the war, and finding the person she believes can rid her soul of the Dark, Tallyn pursues the malevolence that both threatens her existence and promises her salvation.

Together with a prisoner sentenced to become a mage, a shopkeeper compelled by a hidden destiny, and a girl who longs for adventure, Tallyn is swept up in the battle for Theros. Can she and her friends survive the day? Will she wrestle free of the Dark’s grip on her soul before losing her humanity? Or will they all be consumed by the fire of the Fallen?

Four Strangers Torn From their Homes.

Four Heroes Destined for Greatness.

Three Will Save Their People.

One Will Break The World.


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