Fifty to One – The relationship roller coaster from teens to middle ages (thank heaven for therapy)

Before beginning her writing, first-time author Olivia M Isaacs had a diverse career, some of which depleted her while others enriched her life experiences. These experiences have been thought-provoking, intense, candid and surreal. The thing is, Olivia likes real, so she thought that writing about her real experiences might be of interest to some of you. As she approached fifty, having lived, loved and lost with a string of failed relationships behind her, she decided to get real in therapy and find out what was behind this streak of bad love. Things that Olivia likes to be real: Real butter: not the ‘Who Would Believe They Are Trying To Pass This Off As Butter”’ stuff. Real communication where brutal honesty is less about the brutal and far more about the honest Real fur, but only on the original owner. Real passion: She is passionate about, but not consumed by; love, mutual respect, animal rights, human rights, music, her work, family, friends and travel. Political correctness can be overrated while respect is seriously under-utilised. She believes that balance is key. She used to eat over-done steak and drink cheap red wine until someone showed her the difference.


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