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Book promotion is a good way to get your book in front of a wide range of readers.


BeingAuthor targets the right readers for your book and helps them find your book online so they can purchase it.

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Our team of experts will make sure you get the most sales with the least amount of effort from you .


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Book promotion can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. As a marketing company providing multiple services, we offer book promotion through PR campaigns, influencer outreach, and Amazon book reviews. These book promo packages are affordable and effective to maximize your book sales and online book promotion.

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With so much out there, it’s hard to project a voice to your target audience. We help you tap into the passions and interests of your readers by creating an author brand for you.

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Being Author is a blog and marketing website dedicated to helping authors like you build a loyal following, sell more books, and make writing your career.

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The premier publishing resource for publishers, indie authors and book bloggers.

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Book marketing and promotion services to Indie authors like you, to help them reach their maximum potential as self-published authors.

3 Key Elements

BeingAuthor is a marketing service that includes three key elements: book descriptions, book and website promotion, and reviews.

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We will recommend your book on Facebook to over 7,000+ Facebook users from our Facebook Page BeingAuthor.

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Every the tweets will be attached with Promotional Banner of your book and Book buy link of your choice (Amazon, BN, Kobo, etc.)

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We will Feature your book details on social media, along with a customized Promotional Banner designed especially for your book.

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Our secure payment gateway offers security, speed, usability, and flexibility for authors to send money without any worry.

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Whether you’re a new, upcoming, or established author, at BeingAuthor we create customized book marketing strategies for you to grow and increase sales of your books.

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