Dog Is God Spelled Backwards: 101 Notes To Self

Dog Is God Spelled Backward: 101 Notes to Self leads its readers through a collection of musings on the deep structures, issues, aspirations, and possibilities that give shape and meaning to the universe and to daily life. By making her way along this path of exploration and creating 101 insightful notes, Rita Cragwall tells how one can achieve personal growth by guiding one’s life to move in concert with universal laws. This approach empowers bringing one’s imagined future to pass.

Dog Is God Spelled Backward gathers its notes into six parts: “Mirror of Self,” “Things We Fear,” “Living Life,” “The Heroes & Storytellers,” “Philosophy & Science,” and “Miscellaneous Ponderings.” By reading and absorbing these notes, one can come to perceive the deep truth about reality. As the author notes, “The world does revolve around you. It is yours. You always get what you asked for so you always get what you want. Whatever you believe the world is, it is. As within, so without. As above so below.”

This inspiring guide to personal growth tells how one may use reality’s universal laws to change one’s life and to bring one’s imagined future to pass.


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