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DAVID JANSSEN – Our Conversations: 2 Volumes

Michael Phelps crossed paths with David Janssen, star of The Fugitive TV series, when working security detail at a party Janssen was attending in Los Angeles.

Little did either anticipate that one conversation would be the beginning of a friendship which would span 15 years – up to the time of Janssen’s unexpected passing.

Michael Phelps, co-author of David Janssen – My Fugitive, written with Ellie Janssen (David Janssen’s first wife) was encouraged to write about his friendship with the star.

After giving it some thought, Phelps decided to make an attempt at providing Janssen’s fans with a glimpse into the heart and soul of David Janssen, the man he was when not in front of the camera’s eye.

Phelps re-visited hundreds of conversations he and Janssen shared about various subjects including his marriage to, and divorce from, Ellie Janssen; his relationship with Rosemary Forsyth; his thoughts about the people he held close to his heart; his alleged womanizing and drinking habits; his impressions of the various people he met in the acting business, from producers, directors and writers to the actors themselves; his courtship, marriage to (and planned divorce from) Dani Greco; his thoughts about certain roles and characters he played and a host of other subjects.

Alas! David Janssen – Our Conversations was born, an undertaking which would take in excess of four years to complete, a memoir in which Phelps shares many of the conversations he and David shared with the world but, especially, David Janssen’s fans.

This story is told in two volumes because of its length. Be sure to check out the second part of the story, David Janssen – Our Conversations: The Final Years.


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