Creating your dream character

Creating a character is a lot like playing The Sims. (believe it or not, I use The Sims to develop a visual of my character. It is an awesome way to see your character come to life!)

First things first, your character’s height, build, weight, skin color, age, gender, eye color are some of the basics that makes your character stand out physically. These are the first steps to creating your character. Focusing on the physical appearance first will help you with the next steps in creating your character. Clothing? What does he/she wear? Is he/she fashion-conscious or does he/she have poor taste in clothes?

Second step- Your character’s lifestyle. What career does he/she have? is he a lawyer? Is she a doctor? What hobbies are your character interested in? Painting, perhaps? Hiking? What are his/her habits? does he/she smoke?

Third step- What are the faults of your character? Does he/she have a drinking problem? Is he/she a coward?

Fourth step- body language. Does your character avoid eye contact? Does your character present themselves as confident? Is your character a nervous person?

Follow these steps and you are sure to never struggle with character developing ever again!

This post is contributed as Guest post by Author Bianca