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23 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Jordan Thomas Reply

    My name is Jordan Thomas, I am the author of 3 books, I’m hoping to get more exposure with my most recent book, Create, Execute, Repeat on Twitter.

  2. Emmanuel Frank Reply

    My boom is coming out next month how can you help me gain recognition and increase sales?
    What are my to do? And when?

  3. Gary Eby Reply

    Can you help with some pre-publication buzz? My new book, Reflections: A Journey to God will be available in 30 days. My first book, The Eby Way is on my blog. Would like increased traffic to my blog. Can you help with that?

    • BeingAuthor Team Post authorReply

      Yes, we will. Please submit it in our regular promotions section. Use blog link in the form in place of book link, we will take care of the rest.

  4. Daniel J. Mount Reply

    I had Payed for your services but never received them? I payed you $30.99 for you best services and I had not heard from you at all? My Children Book “Healthy Wealthy and Wise” ISBN:149439247X My Phone # is 814-596-3434 All calls after 12:Noon. Thank You.

    • BeingAuthor Team Post authorReply

      Dear Danial,
      We will get back to you with all the details, we take around 48 hrs to start the promotions.
      Your money is in safe hands. Don’t worry.

  5. S.W. Frontz Reply

    I have a book coming out in the next couple of weeks, will this offer you emailed me still be available to me the first of May?

  6. Quiana Golde Reply

    Paid for your services five days ago and I’ve contacted you repeatedly on social media sites with no feedback.

    • BeingAuthor Team Post authorReply

      This delay was because of some structural changes being made on our website.
      We are all done now, you book will be tweeted within 4hrs from now for 30 days. Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

  7. Lars Teeney Reply

    I just recently purchased a gig for the Shackled Scribes and have my own ad images I would like to use. Is there an email I can send them?

  8. Heather Ellis Reply

    Hi, I just signed up but want to add more to my book description. I was under the impression it was the 140 character style. How can I add more words. Do I email you directly? Would be great for authors if you made this clear when signing up.

  9. Marie Green Reply

    How long does it normally take after signing up before you start tweeting books? I signed up and was featured on May 4, but I haven’t seen any tweets about my book on Twitter. Could you let me know?

  10. Derica Reply

    Hi I have been trying to contact you guys. I paid for promotion and have not seen it yet. I have emailed and personal message you and have not gotten a response.

    • Kenneth Mitchell Reply

      Yes I Am the author of Help Me To Live Right Written By Kenneth Moses Mitchell Jehovah and I want the best choices for promoting The Book Called Help Me To Live Right. I have a team of angels who Know their Responsibility Karma is here to show you how it will return you the favor.

      • Arch Angel Gabriel

        and I’m saying this as His Messenger…Wake up to Who y’all Really are in Christ Jesus Jehovah thru…

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