A very sexy read. Caboose By Jeremy M. Donger

Music producer Mr. Hilton is looking for a location to film a client’s next video.
From a friend Mr. Hilton meets Mrs. Eloisa Parker, wife of business tycoon and casino owner in Vegas, Mr. Prentice Parker.
Mrs. Parker is hot in the sack and her love for her husband has faded away for Professor Thomson, her new love.
Mrs. Parker is desperate for a divorce and her husband will hear none of the such.
Before Mr. Hilton seals the deal on renting the location, he witnesses Mrs. Parker brutally shot down from an unsuspecting sniper.
Fleeing for his life and alerting the authorities, the body and evidence has been moved leaving Mr. Hilton to finding the killer, not for the grace of Mrs. Parker, for his own sake.


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Wretched Book Two (Mystic Valley Shifters)

HOT SHIFTER ROMANCE! The second in the series of The Mystic Valley Shifters. Free for Kindle Unlimited Users. Sexy Wolf Shifter Series!

**HOT Paranormal Wolf Shifter Romance** **Warning Contains Some Adult Content**
The darkness is consuming. Haven still hasn’t come out of his coma. He knows the right thing to do is return to the land of the living. But here in his unconscious, he can be loved by her. Tessa dreams about him, she’s finally found her destined mate, only to lose him – except in her dreams where they meet. When Haven finally wakes, will it be too late to save Tessa from her own wretched hell? Tessa will have to solve the mystery making her wolf sick, or risk losing everything – including her life.
This is the second installment to The Mystic Valley Shifters Series. While it can be read as a stand alone, reading the first book is recommended.


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You Can Quote Me On This

Not your ordinary compiled and collected inspirational book of quotes but originally written, thought provoking and uplifting quotes to change your life.

We are people of power, peace, joy, and love! Don’t like your life story? Change It! THIS IS NOT JUST YOUR ORDINARY COMPILATION OF QUOTES.

You Can Quote Me On This is written based on the life experiences, insights, and observations of the author in the form of originally written quotes and words of wisdom. A beautifully written book of quotes that will uplift you, awaken your consciousness, empower your true self, challenge your thoughts and beliefs, keep you motivated and inspire you to change your perspective in life.

You Can Quote Me On This is a good companion and reference book to use. For each quote, there are comments and backstories to further understand the message it is trying to convey. Use this book to transform your life and make a better version of yourself.

What You Will Get From The Book:
•100 plus originally written quotes
•Stories, insights, observations on how each quote came about
•Motivational, inspirational, thought-provoking information
•A new mindset

A GREAT GIFT for your someone special, your friends and family, or perhaps your client, or simply a giveaway.


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Father, Mother,

The novella deals with the sudden death of the father, and with the slow, painful deterioration of the mother into her dementia, followed by her death. But the indestructible
cheerfulness of the mother makes that this is not a sad story.

In this novella from Herman Adèr, the autobiographical elements are more obvious than in his previous novellas and stories. Yet, the first-person narrator is nowhere centre stage, the father and the mother remain the main characters all along. However, this detached manner of writing emphasizes how very evocative various scenes are. It could be said that the novella deals with Death. With the sudden death of the father, and with the slow, painful deterioration of themother into her dementia, followed by death. Yet it is not a sad novella. This is caused by the indestructible cheerfulness that the mother possesses, which never leaves her, not even at the end of her life, when she hardly recognizesanyone and her world becomes ever more limited. It is as if people near her suffer more in the end than she does herself. The novella ‘Father, mother,’ is translated from the Dutch novella ‘Vader, Moeder’, also published by Johannes vanKessel.


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