Ghost Warrior

Amanda Cross survives one nightmare only to face another. She’d always thought of herself as a strong woman, but her many trials on the hostile planet Lavina almost break her. After her rescue, it should be an easy decision to return home to Earth, but she didn’t count on her attraction to the tall, handsome shapeshifter.

Tallyn’s parents rule the most powerful werewolf pack on Laizahlia. As heir to the crown, they expect him to mate with a strong female, but he can’t deny his attraction to the short, curvy woman from Earth. He suspects there is more to Amanda than first meets the eye. To learn what, he must first convince her to trust him enough to remain on Laizahlia. Knowing he might need help, Tallyn calls for assistance from Calem, the volatile tracker who was key to Amanda’s rescue off Lavina.

Calem has waited centuries to right a wrong done to his mate and only daughter. Their deaths nearly destroyed him, but he sees a chance for redemption through Amanda. Tallyn was right to ask for Calem’s help because he is the only one who can guide the petite female toward her destiny. Calem is determined to protect Amanda from facing the same fate as his mate and daughter, even if it ends up costing him his own life.

(Note: Contains explicit scene)

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Once Only

1969, the Summer of Love, Woodstock, NASA moon landing.
Soon-to-be High school Senior Laura Patton finds a ring on the beach. When she puts it on her finger, she travels to the future and finds herself married to Gabe, the guy she just met. She removes it, and is back on the beach. Her friends tell her only minutes have passed although she spent about twelve hours with Gabe before she removed the ring.
She and her girlfriends Dee, Lin and Mouse experiment with the ring and time travel. Laura tries it on with her boy pal Ringo Daniels– and finds herself grown up and married with children. Yikes! The best part is– when she removes the ring, she’s back where she started from.
Until the day when Laura slips the ring on and finds herself shackled to a cellar wall…

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The Spirit Field Adventures: Spark

In Brandon’s world, there are extraordinary people all around him, hiding in plain sight. They all have one thing in common. They can warp.

The ability to warp comes from a special bond with the spirit field, a web of energy that connects every living thing and stretches across the entire universe. Warping can use the spirit field to change reality itself!

Brandon is one of the few humans who can warp. He learns about his remarkable abilities on a class trip to the Smithsonian. One minute, he’s an ordinary twelve-year-old. The next, he can hear people’s thoughts.

Before Brandon has the time to study and master his ability, his warp catches the attention of the Lords, a dark cult intent on capturing everyone who can warp and keeping the secret from being revealed to the world at large. The Lords will do anything to achieve their objective, and their objective is imprisoning Brandon! When the Lords attack, Brandon knows that his ordinary life is over.

Brandon will have to forge unlikely alliances to survive the fight ahead. The decisions he makes will change the course of his life and reveal the true power of the spirit field.

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A stutterer finding a voice

Mind you, writing has its challenges. They’re just refreshingly different.

I’m a writer, but not a notepad writer. It probably seems like a strange quirk, but I took most comfortably to the keyboard. What helped me take strongly to an artificial communication method? Since about age four, or farther back than I can remember, I haven’t been able to talk without a stutter, so that’s how deep it goes. I have a better time sharing my feelings using an electronic product than using my voice, unless you can get me to be really calm in quiet company. Also, my handwriting never got that smooth.

I came into writing for the uninterrupted expression of what’s going on in my oft-dissociating mind. If I try to speak it to you, it’s rarely a matter of not knowing what I want to say, and almost always a matter of being physically blocked from saying it. There’s a certain sanctuary here, a relief. That relief is found in the process of writing, but not often the written product.

Mind you, writing has its challenges. They’re just refreshingly different. I can honestly feel like with self-awareness, reflection, and effort, those challenges might be mitigated or overcome. When you know what it’s like to have a disruption in your life that’s always there, and might be made worse by self-awareness, reflection, and misdirected effort, you might learn to better appreciate those pursuits where effort pays off.